Can I use your music in my production?

Yes! But it’s not free. If you want to use my music in your project, you need to purchase a license that fits your usage scenario. To purchase a license simply hit the ‘License' link for a track of your choice. This will forward you to my distribution partners musicvine.com and soundtaxi.com. There you can buy a license under the terms of the respective music library.

Can I buy and download music directly on your website?

No. This online music catalog exists for pre-listening purposes only and is not an online-shop itself. My music is exclusively published, sold and distributed through select music libraries. To purchase a license you need to register an account at the respective library. Every aspect of your purchase (like prices, license terms, payment etc.) is determined by the library that is selling the respective music track. Please make yourself familiar with the usage and licensing terms that each library sets for themselves before you make a purchase.

Do you offer custom edits for your music?

Yes, I do! For a very reasonable fee, I’ll re-arrange my music to perfectly complement your film. See how it works.